You Can Crochet A Turtle With A Removable Shell And I Need It In My Life

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OMG!! You have to see this crocheted turtle! It is just about the cutest thing EVER to come across my computer, and I HAVE to have it.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

Now, this is JUST the pattern, so you actually will have to make the little guy (gal?) yourself — or if you are like me, have someone else do if for you!

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

The skill level on this is “Intermediate,” and for good reason. You have to be familiar with a LOT of different crochet terminology.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

MR – magic ring
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
hdc – half double crochet
3-dc-bobble – bobble stitch
(12) – the number of sets in a row
(…)*n – repeat n times

Toysneed on Etsy
Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

She also has a video that you can use on YouTube, that shows how to connect the hexagons for the shell — because it can be kind of confusing.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

Never fear, this PDF download comes with 46 detailed pages of instructions, that include 34 photos for help with step-by-step process.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

The complete freakin’ cute turtle has a removable shell, and the little guy (gal?) stands 6 inches tall.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

The PDF downloadable pattern runs $4.50, and you can get it right on the Toysneed page on Etsy.

Courtesy of Toysneed on Etsy

Do you love Amigurumi toys, and also love Harry Potter? You have to check out this crochet kit that includes directions and yarn for an Amigurumi HP and Hedwig doll!

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  1. I ordered your pattern and need help with the turtle shell being put together. The you tube link in the pattern does not work. Please help

  2. This is adorable, yes. There were significant flaws in the pattern. I had to make the shell 3 different times and I ended up freehanding everything except the turtle body and legs. Just make sure you really know how to crochet before you buy it because you might have to figure some stuff out on your own.

  3. My husband purchased this for me since he had PayPal, the instructions are not clear, the simple math of adding and subtracting are wrong on some of the steps, so you have to adjust and guess. I hope it turns out, I crochet for years, so I think I can correct errors. Something happened from converting to English, I am guessing.

  4. is there anyway i can pay for this pattern with my car instead of paypal?

  5. I’d love to buy one of these made since I don’t crochet. Any sellers? ??

  6. Hi my name is Theresa and I would like my $4.50 back ! I bought the pattern and Etsy kicked it out of my email so I can’t get it back because Etsy says my account is deactivated why I don’t know ! But I got half finished turtle and don’t think it was nice of Etsy to kick me out thank you

    1. You should have access to it via email. And if not, contact the seller and they will email it to you.

  7. Please tell me how I can retrieve my crocheted turtle pattern I purchased a few minutes ago. It’s already been taken out of my bank account and I’m not able to retrieve it.
    I feel like you guys have just ripped me off.!!
    And I’m not paying anymore money to talk to anyone. UNDERSTAND ME?????

    1. Wow. Calm down. You just go to your orders page on Etsy and you can download it from there. You should also get a link with your email confirmation. If ALL else fails, contact the seller (POLITELY) and ask her to email it to you.

  8. Hi I have paid but I can’t seem to be able to download

    1. Bought pattern last night. Can’t seem to find it in my email or on phone?

  9. Hello. This is adorable. I just bought the pattern and can’t wait to make it but have you considered sewing on snaps instead of the ties to hold the shell to the body? Just a thought. Once I am able to get the materials I will make one and share.

  10. Somebody please tell Lori to take her full name and address off these public comments, omg…

  11. How do I get the patterns on the turtles, please. Something I must make for my great grandbaby coming next month.

  12. I love it! Especially the turtles. How do I get the patterns? My name is; Lori Farrell, my address is 215 S. Riverside Ct Iowa City IA 52246 Thank you.

    1. Girl, go buy the pdf on Etsy and take your address off here!

    2. Lori, there’s a link near the top of the page that will take you to the etsy site where you can purchase this. Click on the red words “crocheted turtle.”

      You really should remove your comment if you’re able. This is a public forum so anyone can see your address here. You probably don’t see a lot of bad stuff in Story City, my daughter lives nearby in Roland, but it’s really not safe to publicize your address.

    3. Take your full name and address off !!! Safety first!!

  13. How do you get all of these patterns and other animal patterns.

  14. A friend just shared the link on my page, since she has commissioned me before to make stuffed animals and baby blankets. Looks adorable, and I’d love to make some! Right now I’m busy with a custom gecko, but I’m always looking for custom order work! I’ve been crocheting for 40-something years, so I’m very familiar with all the pattern jargon! Elaine from Penguin Place Crafts

  15. I live in San Antonio from Hawaii but work for the Air Force. We’ve been here for 5 years now. My husband and I have 2 kids as well. Our daughter, Aysha 12yrs, and our son Amare 8yrs. Although their birthdays are coming up soon. We also have a dachshund named Buddy. Just wanted to say something since our family stickers would look exactly the same lol! Have a wonderful day!

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