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Target Is Giving $500 Pandemic Bonuses To Frontline Employees and I’m So Happy For Them

I get really happy when I see companies acknowledging the hard work of their employees. Target is giving $500 pandemic bonuses to 375,000 frontline employees!

Yesterday they made the announcement that they will reward the hourly employees with bonuses for working through the pandemic of Covid-19.

Target Twitter

We’re saying thank you to 375,000 of our frontline team members with a $500 bonus in the new year.

Target tweeted

This isn’t the first time that Target has rewarded employees with bonuses during the pandemic. In fact, this is the 5th time!

Target Twitter

Target will hand out bonuses to their team members in stores, distribution centers, headquarters, as well as field-based officers, This is a way of showing thanks.

Target Twitter

We’re so proud of our team. They’re the heart and soul of Target, showing up for one another and our guests—and making Target a safe and easy place to shop and work. And never has their dedication, resiliency, care and compassion been more appreciated than during the pandemic.

A Target statement read
Target Twitter

Store directors, executive team leaders, and salaried distribution center leaders will receive bonuses ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 as well.

Way to go Target! I hope that other large companies take note and do the same.