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It’s time to buy cool gifts for Christmas. In my house that translates to “It’s time to buy the cool tech gifts.”

I like to go to a store look around, and buy them in person. I like to hold them in my hand and actually see how electronics work before I shell out all sorts of cash on that sort of thing. Which is exactly what I did at Best Buy!

I needed to buy a camera for a special man on my list, so I started by going checking out the Best Buy website to see what’s trending. Best Buy always has the best tech gifts, but did they have what I was looking for? Dude, YES. There was an entire camera section.

Bet Buy #Shop


And I found the gift I was looking for! This deep plum automatic big-bodied Nikon camera was exactly what I wanted. BUT– you can’t pick out cameras online. You just can’t.  I mean, sure you can LOOK at the pictures professional photographers have taken with the cameras, but I needed to see how this camera would work for regular people.

So, I headed to my local Best Buy and I went straight to the camera section.

Best Buy #shop

Perfect. It was time to find the camera I found online. I was looking for the Nikon L820 camera. I kind of had my heart set on it, so I would have been totally heartbroken if they hadn’t had one for me to play with.

Best Buy #shop

They had it!!! There it was in stock, and all plugged in for me to hold in my hands! I played with the camera a little bit, and I LOVE that I was able to actually take pictures of things in the store!

Best Buy #shop

I played with this camera until a salesperson came over to help me. She went through several other cameras with me, and eventually I ended up picking the one I came in to get. It’s fantastic, it takes great pictures, and I am so glad I can be totally comfortable with this cool gift I got! It’s perfect!

I had some other things on his gift guide, too: He wants games and accessories for his Xbox One, so I went to check and see what they had in store over there.

Best Buy #shop


And of course Best Buy had everything I could ever imagine! Accessories, controllers, cords, every game they make! YES! I was able to get all my holiday shopping done for him right there. I checked out the smart phones, tablets, small appliances, and I was in and out in under an hour! That’s my kind of shopping!

I also picked up a gift card for my little brother while I was there. (I never know what to get him!) Turns out Best Buy currently has a campaign going called Give it To Win it. They’re giving away a bunch of daily prizes to anyone who buys a gift card over $25 and either scans it in store, or if you forget (like I did) you can just use your Best Buy app on your phone. DUDE. It’s like I got to shop for me, too! What can you win?

  • (1) Grand Prize: $10,000 Best Buy gift card, (5) First Prizes: $500 Best Buy gift card, (10) Second Prizes: $100 Best Buy gift card, (40) Third Prizes: $50 Best Buy gift card

Best Buy is also partnering with Google on 12/17 for a Google+ shoppable hangout to help people shop for last minute gifts! What a cool idea!


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  1. I love the camera section of Best Buy and I am a loyal Nikon fan too! Great choice! #client

  2. Being able to manipulate a camera in-store is so helpful. Woo hoo, for being able to mark items off your holiday shopping list! #client

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