Icemageddon 2013

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icemageddon 2013It’s day five of the icemageddon here in Texas, and I am going cra-zay.

Seriously, I’ve ventured out a couple of times for food and whatnot, but mostly I’ve just been sitting in my house staring out my back window at my pool covered in snow-ice.

Icemageddon 2013

The kids are still out of school, and because this stuff has melted and frozen over, it’s no longer fun to play on. It’s now a solid sheet of ice. My friends daughter fell and busted her lip on it last night, and that was pretty much the last time we convinced the children to go outside and play in it. Now they are firmly seated at a computer in their jammies and I don’t think Frosty himself showing up at my front door would get them to move.

I don’t really blame them. It’s cold!

Computer playing


Geez, look at my daughter’s desk– she looks like she’s been on a twelve hour work bender! Somebody tell her to clean that up!

Day 1’s Facebook post from my friends said things like this:

  • “Woohoo snow day! We can’t wait”
  • “Snow day. We are on our way outside now!”

Day 5’s posts looked like this:

  • “Snow day again? What fresh hell is this?”
  • “Are you kidding me? I can’t keep taking sick days to watch ABC Family Christmas movies!”

Mine did go outside, I promise. Here she is sledding down the middle of the street!

Redneck Sledding

All I’m saying is: Is it above freezing yet?


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