You Can Get A Climb-in Blanket That Turns Your Kids Into a Disney Princess

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I could never have enough blankets. If someone wants to give me a gift, a blanket will always make me happy. Always! I sleep with a pile of them and I have them stacked all over the living room.

Disney Princess Blankie Tails are absolutely adorable! They took our favorite Disney Princesses and made them in to climb in blankets for kids!

Yes, this makes it a wearable blanket! With sleeves! Talk about comfy! Movie nights just got a whole lot better! I wish this had been around when my girls were younger!

Yes, I said climb in blanket! You have to be 5 feet tall or less to fit. It isn’t fair that I can’t fit in one! Then again, maybe I CAN fit! Look!! Those are grown men!

The blankets are Machine washable. They are also super shimmery and soft, just like every princess needs!

The Disney Blankie Tails are designed for children ages three and older, but it seems to fit some adults as well.

You can get all of your favorite Disney characters! They have Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Anna, Elsa, and even Olaf!

You can find them on Amazon and they run about $19.99-$24.99. So much fun!

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