Today is Mar10 Day. Here’s How You Can Get In On The Fun

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Have you taken a look at the date today? It is March 10, 2020. Well, put that together like Mar10 and what does it look like?

Yup, MARIO! It is Mario Day!!

People all over Twitter have been taking this day to celebrate this fun play on the date while also sharing their favorite or first Mario game ever played.

Even Mario Lopez decided to get in on the fun posting a meme with himself on it saying “Happy Mario Day”.

Today is the only day in the year that spells MARIO. Cool, right?

Aside from all the fun posts, Nintendo, the makers of Mario have even put up a place where you can check out all of the coolest Mario products. You can see that here.

So, take to social media and post what your favorite Mario game (or first game) is to play. Use #Mar10Day to get in on the fun. I’m off to play some Mario Kart with the kids.[0]=68.ARBiz-VakpOgeQ2gNMvQmZpAFxodixWdHCHoRqbUWlcuUseNcnjJzweYyDfd2VGKxa2QvlloiEfA1ll768sl2gPMP2P0yoCC_5Hn_oMZXuVHhXmpJY7E6EsmTNSzcZQHn2aL5MpqAPU3jwe2zP7xv52fwuszZIZ3oHGYxwX0RUp9q0OFtxjhwDKLOYK-_46BNGFpBGWrKLtmAHOiRhnhKMu04aP54o6dIhLVf1PAWXjWKCgsGDX7mf5T-myanJj93vUzpBC-4WwKv4MSHX-e4Qs2luR0R_1Ik2GsQYlmQKaGiBk7_te7uKTkwnudtveBx24h_P-VjonDz-99fCdQXMkGbVBUe3dim8_CEQ&__xts__[1]=68.ARAIdMUG8Bd39qEcCZTBDmwG_TC-FU3fGLRz9J20F2JeSmaEVjCABM8oy5b_iqd4pYQo3Ww2j_PNhloxz0AWrWZlM_6QG0C8rsB6pu3gLZBm1WiwnAldu2bEsDY7nM8Lc7SLXeLeo6yOJqNGbnGyg5Lye3fIkxKdtpBCsnnlr7dJ1fHwUviJ_Yirzs9JSP5TxAGSdmzTQv01GU1fQ2GErXudJ68xMede5_nePC5Q21X2OLNRupVRDVffn36-B0R4aIcYLLJKe3hzNBQzze-atzsN3KR8D1nKbS4iR4D_MNs8Q7PP7pMzWz-NvDqWI4FYToSj-fOIE15dkou-1ZtZOuH8gDxtvEUkZkUlfQ&__tn__=-R

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