You Can Get A Rainbow Cheetah Print Starbucks Cup And I’m Obsessed

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O M G…Guys, you can get a Rainbow Cheetah Print Starbucks cup and you can even have it personalized with your name printed on it!!

Sweet Honey Comb Crafts

Sooo…. my birthday is coming up soon and I’m pretty sure that this is now at the top of my want (AKA Need) list!

I absolutely LOVE Cheetah print and the rainbow hues just makes it that much cooler!

Sweet Honey Comb Crafts

Not only is it Cheetah print, but you can also even get your name added to it!

I want mine to say “Matties Coffee DO NOT TOUCH”, I’m that serious about my coffee y’all.


I have to carry it with me from the moment I wake, till the moment I close my eyes at night. There are worse habits than constantly drinking coffee right?

Sweet Honey Comb Crafts

You can even get your name in the font of your choice, I myself am really digging the ‘Gabi’ option!

She also has 21 colors to choose from, so the options are literally endless! You could even get a different one for each day of the week!

Sweet Honey Comb Crafts

These super cute Rainbow Cheetah Print cups can be purchased on Etsy and range from $15-$20 each depending on how you choose to customize it + FREE shipping!


This 24oz travel cup is made from plastic and is intended for cold beverages only. The decals are vinal so it is not recommended to run through the dishwasher.

These are made to order and will sell out fast, so I highly recommend ordering yours ASAP. You can order one here.

I’m ordering mine as we speak!

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