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This Attorney Dressed Up As Michael Myers And Ended Up Being Arrested Because He Was Freaking People Out

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I do believe I just found my favorite person and totally want him to be my lawyer if I’m ever in need of one.


Mark Metzger is an attorney here in Texas, Mark is obviously a lot of fun and takes Halloween pretty seriously.

Mark A. Metzger III – Facebook

He had dressed up as Michael Myers from ‘Halloween‘ and took a leisurely stroll on the beach, of course, he had a knife and there was blood… it’s Michael Myers… duh!

This is a legend we’re talking about here, and I thought everyone knew that… I was wrong though because someone actually called 911 on him!

Who calls 911 on Michael freaking Myers?

spillwayfishingclub – Facebook meme

Bringing positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about. It’s all I’ve been about my entire life. My methods might not work for everyone, but I guarantee I’ll please more than I’ll piss off.

Mark A. Metzger III – Facebook

I would have run right down there to take his photos and take a walk with him, I mean how often do you get the chance to stroll along the beach with a maniac slasher?

The 911 caller said that he was “wandering in the sand with what looked like a bloody knife” according to a spokesperson from the police department.

Mark was approached by police and ordered to get on his knees and then placed in cuffs and under arrest.

Once the police realized the knife and blood were fake, he was cited with disorderly conduct and released from jail.

Seriously, seeing this guy would have made my day, times suck right now and this is the excitement I need in my life.


We should be friends…

Since he is a lawyer he obviously knows the law, but he isn’t quite sure why he had been arrested and posted the following statement on social media.

So if taking a silly walk down the beach during a storm in a costume, and subsequently being arrested for disorderly conduct accomplished any of that (just released with a class c citation and still fuzzy on what exactly was illegal about my actions) – then I’d do it again all day every day.

Mark A. Metzger III – Facebook

So like, can we just hang out? I don’t run that great, but I can fall down pretty well and have a pretty fantastic scream!

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