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Kit Kat Is Coming Out With A Gingerbread Cookie Flavor That I Absolutely Have To Try

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Kit Kat to this day is my favorite candy bar! But lately, they have been making me super proud with all of their new innovations!

This winter, Kit Kat will be rolling out a Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kat that I am already dying to try!!!


This limited-edition (of course *sob*) candy consists of crispy wafers that are covered in a gingerbread flavored creme. *cue drooling*

This is a new take on the classic gingerbread cookie, but in the form of a candy bar! The best part? It’s available now!

“The holidays are a time to create new special memories, so we wanted to make sure your season is sweet in a big way with your favorite flavors, fun holiday shapes, and new ways to enjoy the treats and tastes you love. This is our biggest line-up of holiday offerings so, no matter how you are spending the holidays this year, there is a teat waiting for you to enjoy all to yourself or with a loved one.”

Melissa Biette

These are available in regular and mini sizes and are not exclusive to a specific store, so start keeping your eyes out now!

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