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Unsweetened Tea Is Now The Default At Starbucks

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This could not have come at a better time for me, a few weeks ago I made some changes and cutting out sugar was one of them.

In the past, when you would order a tea from Starbucks and you wanted it without sweetener you had to specify that in your order.

However, changes have been made and unsweetened is the new default at Starbucks when you order any tea drink.

The change happened on March 2nd and it was a quiet change that I had not heard about.


This change only applies to Starbucks plain green, black, and passion iced teas.

For instance, a Grande Iced Tea at Starbucks used to come with 4 pumps of liquid cane sugar unless you ordered it without.

You do need to note that certain lattes drinks and lemonade combos will still keep the same recipes that are sweetened.


You can swap that out to sugar-free syrups though, and Starbucks does have some good ones!


If you want your unsweetened tea to taste like the sweetened tea, just add about 3 pumps of sugar-free syrup to the tall, 4 to a grande, and 6 to a venti, 7 in the trenta, and you should be good to go!

Right now there is no charge for adding pumps of syrup to these unsweetened tea drinks to make it the same as you normally ordered in the past.

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