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Starbucks Will Now Allow Customers To Use Personal Cups Even In The Drive-Thru

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Here’s a new way to enjoy your Starbucks

They have historically been pretty weird about using your own cups when coming into the store.

Like, is it allowed? Is it not?

The mega coffee chain just announced that they will now allow you to bring your own cups in for refills, saving the need to recycle their paper cups.

When I say “bring your own cups for refills,” I do not mean free refills. The refills are definitely still going to cost you money.

Now, they will compensate you just a bit for bringing your own cup.

Starbucks will give you 10 cents towards the price of your drink, plus they will add 25 stars to your Starbucks app each time you bring in a reusable cup.

Side note: If you frequent Starbucks, and aren’t using the Starbucks app, you are literally throwing money out the window. You can earn free drinks, free add-ons, or free Starbucks swag with each purchase.

I’m kind of curious to see how this is going to work, because the baristas typically use those lines on the sides of their cups to make drinks.

Maybe they are going to make the drink in a reusable container, and then transfer it into your cup?

You will be able to both bring your own cup into the cafe to get your drink, or go through the drive thru with your own cup.

If you go through the drive thru, simply tell them at the speaker that you have your own cup.

There are, of course, a couple rules to bringing your own cup into Starbucks.

1) The cup has to be clean. They will not rinse the cup out for you.

2) The cup you bring has to be less than 40 ounces.

This is a great first step by Starbucks to protect the environment and create less waste.

The Starbucks to-go cups are made of 50% plastic and 50% paper, so they are tricky to recycle.

But, bring in your own cup, and you don’t have to worry about recycling one of their to-go cups. Boom!!

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