Crush Released A New Blue Soda That Tastes Like Berry Sour Patch Kids And I Am In Childhood Bliss

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Sour Patch Kids have always been a HUGE hit with the kids! I was pretty partial to the watermelon flavored ones myself. And then there is Crush Soda, which was my number one to go for orange soda, but now they have expanded to a ton of different flavors, making it hard to dislike them as a whole. But what happens if you put the two together?’

Crush did the best thing it could ever do! They mixed their amazing soda with some amazing candy! Who would have thought that a company that became popular over orange soda and a sour candy company could make such a beautiful baby?


I went to the store the other night to grab some snacks and drinks for my son’s birthday party and happened to stumble upon this drink on an end aisle. At that point, I couldn’t NOT get this drink! It is PERFECT for a kid’s party! And my son immediately wanted it.


And what a great idea it was to grab it! It was the first drink to be used up at the party and was a HUGE hit! The kids absolutely loved it and even the parents were surprised that it was a real thing and asked where I got it from!

My son’s birthday party theme was pirates, so we used this drink as the “ocean water” and the kids loved it! I’m not a huge soda drinker myself, but I couldn’t help but try it myself because it sounded so cool and even I wasn’t disappointed!

It was pretty amazing! And I can’t imagine any kids disliking this! I found mine at H-E-B, but these are being spotted everywhere and in all sorts of different sizes! You can get smaller bottle options at convenience stores and certain locations!


But as usual, all good things must come to an end, and this is a limited edition drink. I am really hoping that they either decide to consistently bring it back, or even introduce other sour patch flavors! (Give me watermelon!!!)


Have you spotted any of these yourself yet? Where did you find them? And if Crush was to cover other Sour Patch Kids flavors, which would you want them to produce next? Let us know in the comments!


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