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You Can Get A Skull Light Phone Charger For The Person Who Loves Halloween

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When it’s dark, I am one of those people that can not see a thing! I don’t even drive at night anymore, if it is even starting to get dark, you will not see me behind the wheel. All that I can see is bokeh and lines from the headlights!

I’m an insomniac, like diagnosed severe insomnia. I try to be quiet while my family sleeps, and sometimes I’ll grab my phone and some headphones to keep myself entertained. Well, I can’t always find my phone because I can’t see!

This phone charger actually has skulls on the cord that light up with LED lights! First of all, I think skulls are super cool, and secondly… they light up! No more digging around in the dark for my phone!


It would work as an amazing nightlight for me with the number of times I get up to use the bathroom too. Remember, I’m trying not to wake everyone else up. I know where the bathroom is in the dark, but that doesn’t prevent me from bouncing around like a pinball against anything I walk by.


The lights are multicolor color-changing LED, kind of like Christmas lights. It’s powered by a standard USB port. It’s 48 inches long and has 10 LED lit skulls. You can use it in any USB charging port, computer, or car.


The description says that it is compatible with ISO equipped products like iPhones 5/6/7/8/11. You can get your own LED Skull Phone charging cable on Amazon for only $9.99!


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