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Mountain Dew Has Officially Released A Watermelon Flavor and It Is Bright Pink

Similar to Christmas in July, Mountain Dew is bringing summer in December.

You might recall the bright pink drink PepsiCo was rumored to be releasing sometime this winter and it looks like those rumors are coming true!

It’s a late Christmas miracle I tell you.

Getting right into the drool worthy details of the neon pink soda, PepsiCo is calling their new Mountain Dew flavor Major Melon soda and it’s already been spotted on grocery store shelves!

According to a recent review on Instagram, one individual reported a sweet candy smell as soon as you open the bottle, similar to Jolly Rancher’s watermelon flavor suckers.

The actual taste of the thing, well, the same person stated and I quote “a sweet and perfect amount of watermelon flavor,” which makes this soda sound like the next fan favorite.

Individuals have already spotted the new flavor at Walmart for $1.88; plus, both Walmart and Meijer have Major Melon listed online and since this will be permanent addition to Mountain Dew’s family of flavors, we can expect other soda flavors to make room on grocery store shelves!

Courtesy of Walmart

So keep your eyes peeled on your next grocery trip because Major Melon is made in cans and bottles!