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Rumor Has It, Jack Black Will Be Playing Steve In A Live-Action Minecraft Movie

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Jack Black is ready to add another movie to his resume. 

According to Deadline, Jack is allegedly set to star in another movie that looks a lot like a video game we all used to play as kids. 

But this isn’t the first time Jack will play a character in a movie that pays tribute to a popular video game, remember The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Well, Jack Black took on the role as the iconic Browser, but I didn’t have to tell you that because we all know Jack stole the show in that movie.

Although unlike his previous role as Browser, Jack instead, will supposedly be taking on a character named Steve, who is rather a hero than a villain.

The rest of the cast, alongside Jack Black will include Emma Myers, Danielle Brooks, Sebastian Eugene Hansen, and Jason Momoa, who has also been rumored to take on a role in the movie as well.

Courtesy of @jackblack

So, have you guessed the movie yet?

The Minecraft Movie is slated to release next year on April 4, according to IGN!

Courtesy of @jackblack

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