Burger King Is Finally Launching Their Own Dollar Menu And To Celebrate, Their Sending Random People $1 On Venmo

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One of the greater joys in life is finally reaching the drive-thru window at your favorite fast food chain and packing in bags of food in the car for little money spent.

Similar to McDonalds, Taco Bell and Wendy’s, Burger King is hopping on the $1 value menu wagon to make loyal costumers even more excited about their delicious food!


At the end of this month, Burger King is making it easier to get more bang for your buck by launching a “$1 Your Way” menu. The menu will include a classic Bacon Cheeseburger, a Chicken Jr. sandwich, Value Fries, and a Value Soft Drink all for you as you can guess, $1!

Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King is also sweetening the new launch of their $1 Your Way” menu by selecting Venmo accounts at random to send $1 to, so you can try out the new menu yourself when it finally releases at the end of December.


The popular fast food chain will be sending money from now until December 28th so keep an eye out for the king of burgers to send you some cash.


Until then, this is considered one of the best Christmas presents yet this holiday season, am I right?


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