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You Can Get Tiny Helmets For Your Chickens And I Need Them

I’m laughing so hard right now, this has to be one of the funniest chicken accessories I have ever come across.

You’ve seen the chicken arms that come in T-Rex and Hulk style right?

Well now you can get your chickens tiny little helmets just like Evel Knievel and I have to have a few!

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

Of course, this isn’t something I would leave on my chickens, but it would be fun for photos and videos right?

They have 12 different designs available in the chicken helmets, so there is something for pretty much everyone here.

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

The listing says that the helmets are suitable for chickens, ducks and other types of poultry.

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

They measure about 4 cm by 4.5 cm and they say they are to prevent the chicken’s head from getting smashed, but to me I think it’s just a novelty for fun.

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

You can adjust the fit of the helmet to fit the different types of poultry.

There is enough room for expansion so that it won’t hurt them.

The brightly colored designs will make you want to order several styles, I know I want to.

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

These chicken helmets are made of plastic and elastic, I can’t wait to get mine!

You can order your own chicken helmets from GoodfellowCorporateS on Etsy!

GoodfellowCorporateS – Etsy

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