Do You Know Your Own Worth?

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This week’s homework is to really sit with my worth and understand it. Understand I’m worthy.

But worthy of what? That sounds so… I don’t know— intangible?

The example used (by my awesome therapist) when this was explained to me was a really torn up squishy toy.
The toy was sitting in a special place on her desk all prominent-like, and she took it carefully in her hands, holding it up to the light, “Yeah this looks like a torn up children’s toy. Except that it was given to me by my niece because she knows how much I love fidget toys in my office and this was her special fidget she used to help her through something and she gave it to me to help me.”
And what an adorable story. But I’m afraid it had the opposite effect on me. Because if that stupid torn up toy can have value, and it so obviously doesn’t … then value is made up.
And that means so is worth. So now I’m just sitting here spinning my wheels trying to figure out how on earth I’m supposed to sit with my own worth when in reality it’s this unquantifiable thing that only matters to the person.
And this is blowing my mind because does this makes all worthy or unworthy? And worthy of what exactly? What does any of this even look like?
Do you know your worth? Can you quantify it?
Heck, do you know my worth? Could you quantify it for me? That would be great. Thanks. 😉

Person Putting Bitcoin Token into a Mouse Shaped Piggy Bank
Close-Up Photo of Pink Piggy Bank

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