This Video Shows Brian Laundrie’s Mom Handing Something To Another “Hand” In Her Garden Bed

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You need to SIT DOWN for this one…

Okay, I am not one to jump on the conspiracy theory train very often but I don’t know what to believe with this…

There is a viral video going around on TikTok right now that is of Brian Laundrie’s parents in their backyard.

The video is drone footage (which is illegal by the way) that someone took while flying a drone over their house.


In the video, you see Brian’s mother hovering over one of their garden beds. One that is just dirt and no plants. His dad is just standing there watching her.

This is where things get interesting… as you watch the video, Brian’s mom seems to lean down and you see what appears to be a hand stick up out of the side of the garden bed. She seems to grab something and then hand something.


That is when Brian’s dad notices the drone and tells his mom and then she looks up to the camera.

They both then walk away all suspicious like.


But WTF?! Let’s get back to that hand…

So, people are slowing down the video and pointing out, it clearly looks like a hand that reaches up through a small hole on the side of the garden bed. Like what?!

I mean, if it were her just pulling up a plant, where’s the plant? And that “hand” is there when she pulls her hand away.

I know it’s blurry, but I circled frame by frame of where his mom pulls her hand away and something appears in that spot.

Now, some people have debunked this saying that in Florida it is impossible to have an unground bunker due to the area being surrounded by water. Basically, if they dug, they’d hit water.

Others say that while it is rare in Florida, it is not impossible and some even claim that they have homes in FL that do have these underground bunkers.

So, what is happening here? Has Brian been hiding in some bunker in his parents backyard the entire time? And if so, how has the police not noticed?

And if that is not a hand in the video, what is it? Because something clearly moves when his mom pulls her hand away.

Moab PD

If Brian is in that underground bunker, it would explain why NOBODY has seen Brian leave his parents house since Gabby was reported missing.

People have reported this to the FBI so I guess we will see if anything comes of it.

This is just insane. You can watch the video for yourself below. I also have the slowed down version below too.


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♬ Every Breath You Take – The Police

Slowed down video:


Zoomed in and slowed down. 😊 There is definitely someone there. You cannot change my mind. #brianlaundrie #brianlaundrieupdate #foryoupage #dirtylaundrie

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  1. This video is so obvious that fingers come up from inside the flower bed. Not once but twice, and his mother proceeds as if to hand him something. Maybe a note with details on it. Or his new cell phone number. There’s no way a person is not in that flower bed. Please investigate the underground space. Wish this was done a long time ago. Who knows, he may still be alive. I’m very skeptical. Parents are not showing much emotion for either Gabby or Brian.

  2. The mystery “hand” is a turtle’s head…popping up when Laundrie mom interacts with it. Look closely…the turtle’s oval shell is visible and even moves slightly. It has dug a hole in the corner of the garden box and enjoys playing with Laundrie mom.


  4. I have raised planters in my own backyard and all of them have moist soil that touches the sides of the planter. This one however… the soil doesn’t touch the sides and seems to be just a pile of dry dirt where you can even see the board underneath that doesn’t touch the sides as well. You can’t even grow anything on that kind of soil… looks like a mock planter to me.

    1. @deegaf, I agree and if it’s not a hand then what is it that is moving when she puts her hand over there? I’m very surprised that the authorizes haven’t come and tore that yard up to see for themselves. I don’t know if a video can be made to look like something is moving when it’s not but this video is pretty convincing. He could very well be down there.

  5. Could there be a rabbit, or squirrel there in the hole?

    1. @Anonymous, suddenly, brian’s mom is playing whack-a-mole lol

  6. He’s not missing, he’s fleeing. Please stop making it sound like we need to help him. He fled because he killed Gabby and doesn’t want to go to prison.

  7. I lived near there for years and saw whole rooms dug out under homes for grow operations… that area is easily 20 feet above sea level. We called the area the vortex of evil for all the weird deaths around there.

  8. You absolutely cannot have basements and underground bunkers in south Florida.

    1. @Edith puthie,
      Not true. There are many bunkers in Florida.

  9. It honestly looks like she took off her gardening glove or digging tool. which would be about the size of a hand.

  10. You are literally so dumb. You can’t see a damn thing in that video. STOP TRYING PEOPLE IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION!

    1. @Suckit, seriously, you have got to be blind or have a lousy picture because I sure saw it

    2. @Michelle, I totally agree. Watched the video on my 70” flatscreen and saw it clear as day. It’s not terribly easy to see on a handheld device… But watch it on a large screen TV and it’s obvious as all hell.

  11. Wonder what the petito family thinks of this. Wicked coward.

  12. Yes, definitely movement there on the side. Where is the pool equipment? Do the previous owners know of some crawlspace that may be there? Sump pump garden, made into whatever that is (there are no plants in it)?

    1. @Teresa S, could it be a root that she pulled on it and made it look like a hand but its just the root being pulled up what do you think it could just be a root

    2. If it was something like a hand its possible no body has seen him i think it could be him dig up the flower bed they should have no privacy

    3. @Joebulldawg, Anywhere in the south you can get a storm shelter underground, there are plenty of them for sale down here. Funny that nothing is growing in the box planter! What is she digging? No plants are there!

    4. @Joebulldawg, it’s sure looks like a hand that moved back. Why don’t the authorities investigate ?

    5. @Deb, if you check previous photos of this planter box , there were plants growing in it . About three ft high . Looked like ferns .

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