Robert Pattinson Is The New Batman and I Am So Excited

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I just read some interesting news – Robert Pattinson, Yes, Edward Cullen from the Twilight series is going to be the new Batman and honestly, I am excited.

And you should be, too.

(I am being serious!)

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Now, I know most of the internet won’t agree but hear me out…

Robert Pattinson was great in Twilight, sure the series was made for teen girls but if you read the books, you know he fulfilled his role well.

And honestly, we haven’t seen him in ANYTHING for like a year so it’ll be quite interesting to see him make a comeback in such a BIG role.

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Yes, I say big because being Batman is a big deal!

While it isn’t 100% official that he will play Batman, reports have said that:

Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to close shortly. Warner Bros. had no comment. (Source)

Most of the internet isn’t happy and honestly, it’s because his Twilight role is quite iconic and seems to follow him everywhere.

But guys, give the man a chance – it’s been over a decade since the first Twilight movie was released so can we just see how this goes?

I’m excited to see someone NONE of us probably imagined would become the next Batman. Isn’t that the point of Batman? To be a dark and mysterious character? Well, if they choose Pattinson, he may just fulfill that role considering he was EXACTLY that in Twilight.

Sorry, but his role that nobody can seem to get past, might make him perfect for saving Gotham.

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  1. He’s a terrible actor from that waste of time series about the gay vampire. He’ll only take DC further down.

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