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You Can Get An Inflatable Skeleton Puppy To Put In Your Yard This Halloween

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This is wicked cute!

You Can Get An Inflatable Skeleton Puppy for your front yard this Halloween season.


This weenie dog skeleton is over 5-feet long from nose to tail, and it lights up bright so it can be easily seen from the street by all the Trick-Or-Treaters who dare cross to your doorstep.

Side Note: You should totally set up this Harry Potter Inflatable for the Trick-Or-Treaters to walk through!

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Our doggy was a big hit in our day of the dead themed yard. It blew up every day and deflated as well on a timer for over a month. We had no issues with the motor or lights. 

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The Inflatable Skeleton Puppy has a waterproof design, so it is going to be just fine out in the elements — snow and rain.

The Halloween Spirit is strong with this one!


We have this doggie out for about three weeks now. It’s been inflated from 7am-10pm and so far no defective issues. It’s standing well and inflates well.  

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This Inflatable Skeleton Puppy is super-easy to set up. You just plug the included power adapter into a socket, and then it will blow up until full.

He is even holding a fun blowup pumpkin that looks like his own personal Halloween candy bucket.


This inflatable looks great, and I’m surprised as to how nice it is considering the price-point. The led lights look great at night and the design concept is fantastic (dog holding a dog pumpkin).

Amazon Reviews

This Skeleton Doggo has a crazy reasonable price point. It is only going to set you back $39.99.

To get your own Inflatable Skeleton Puppy, simply head on over to the Amazon website.


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