Every Wednesday is 50% off Day at Starbucks

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If you have been missing your Starbucks coffee drinks because it doesn’t fit in the budget, this is for you…

Every Wednesday beginning July 19th through August 9th, is 50% off day at Starbucks!

Every Wednesday we get coffee (instead of every Wednesday we wear pink)!

That means you can treat yourself to your favorite Starbucks coffee every Wednesday and save 50% on it! Wahoo!


How to Get 25% off Starbucks Drinks on Wednesdays

In order to receive your 25% discount, you need to be a member of the free Starbucks rewards program.

Once you are signed up, you will receive a 50% off coupon in your app valid any time on Wednesday after 12 PM your local time.

You can use this coupon in your order ahead option through the app or ask a Starbucks barista to apply the coupon for you.

This coupon can only be used once per Wednesday and excludes bottled or canned drinks. It’s also not available through DoorDash or Uber Eats.

Wahoo! Here’s for some discounted coffee. It’s not as good as Starbucks BOGO day but it’s something!!

Need some drink ideas? Check out our extensive Starbucks Secret Menu so you can try all sorts of new drinks with this discount.

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