Here’s Why Cardi B Threw a Microphone at a Concertgoer During A Recent Performance

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Cardi B’s most recent concert performance has gone viral, and lets just say it’s not because the concert ended in an outstanding encore…

After performing on stage at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, a concertgoer in the crowd decided to throw their drink at Cardi B’s face.

After the singer was pelted with the individual’s drink, Cardi B responded back by throwing a microphone.

Video clips of the incident which occurred while Cardi was singing one of her throwback hit’s “Bodak Yellow” have gone viral.

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It appears then that security guards quickly removed the individual from the crowd after the incident.

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And according to USA Today, the fan has since filed a police report for battery.

However, no arrests or citations have been issued according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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During the performance, another video posted online shows Cardi B welcoming getting splashed by fans at the same concert.

“Give me water,” Cardi says in the video, which then shows some of the crowd splashing her backside; although it’s currently unclear whether or not the footage was taken before or after Cardi was splashed in the face which lead to her throwing the microphone.

Courtesy of @user6755800524153

A second viral video on social media has also surfaced which shows Cardi B throwing another microphone while singing.

Although this time, the microphone was thrown at a D.J. who appeared to cut off her song early during a performance at Drai’s Nightclub.

Courtesy of @kfen777

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