5 Must-Haves for Game Day

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Football season is in full-swing and whether you enjoy the game from the comfort of your own couch or by watching from the bleachers with screaming fans, there are a few basics to ensuring your game day is far from boring. We have compiled our top 5 Must-Haves for Game Day to help ensure your day is spectacular enough to please a crowd.

5 Must-Haves for Game Day

While we all may not agree on what team to root for, we can agree that get-togethers are fun especially when done right. Every year my husband and I enjoy throwing house parties and inviting over our closest family and friends to enjoy a day filled with food, fun and Football. How can that be any better? Some things I’ve learned over the years is that there are definite must-haves when entertaining on game day and I am here share those with you.

  1. Food – I think this goes without saying but I cannot stress how important good food is. Food is the basis of any party but for game day, it’s more of a fuel. You see, hard-core football fans get pumped up and all that adrenaline can be exhausting. What better way to refuel than with food? We love to have several easy-to-make finger foods such as wings, chips and salsa, fresh cut veggies and fruit, and meatballs. We also have a variety of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) so there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Reliable cable service. Look, if you are going to throw the party just know everyone is relying on you to have reliable cable or satellite for airing the game. You can call ahead of time to your cable company and ensure you have the best possible package for game day. Most of the time you can then downgrade after football season is over. Just ensure your TV is properly working because this can single-handedly make for a terrible game day without it.
  3. Lots of seating. While many of your guests may plan on standing in agony over the opposing team receiving a touchdown, you want to ensure you have plenty of (comfortable) seating. We typically borrow tables and chairs from family and friends to place them around our living room. We position the couches and lounge chairs in a comfortable position in front of the TV. Ensure you have a welcoming and comfortable space for guests.
  4. Entertainment for the kids. This is a big one. Unless your guests know ahead of time that it’s an adult-only celebration, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of entertainment for the kids. Set up another TV with a streaming service full of kid’s movies, have crafts or coloring pages ready. If it’s nice outside, set up a play area where the kids can play safely together while the adults enjoy the game. Kids don’t have much patience with sitting and watching a football game so having things to keep the occupied is a must!
  5. Something to wash it all away. It’s no secret that guests can get pretty worked up on game day. That can cause all sorts of sweat and smells that linger around. Offer ways to “freshen up” so to speak. Hand soaps, body washes, sprays, etc. are perfect to keep on hand and in clear view of guests (I have some ideas on what to offer below).

Encouraging A Cleaner Game Day Routine

As I mentioned above, guests can get worked up and we don’t want your home smelling like a locker room. A great way to avoid this, is by offering a freshen up station. Even a pre-game option even if it’s for the man of your house so he can smell great all day long.

This NCAA football season, you can get your guys game day ready, by helping them switch to an all-star supply of Unilever brands, like Axe, Dove Men+Care, and Degree from Sam’s Club. Plus, since you can buy these in bulk, you can offer them to the other manly guests. How cute would little football care packages be?

With all of these amazing products, the men in your life are sure to smell and feel amazing. From body wash to bar soap and deodorant to body spray, they will feel refreshed and ready for whatever this football season throws at them.

My husband really loves the Dove Men+Care Bar Soap and it actually smells quite amazing. I can be a little sensitive to fragranced personal care items but this is a light fresh scent that smells so good!

Plus, with the Scan & Go app and Club Pick-Up from Sam’s Club, getting them what they need when they need it most will feel like a game winning touchdown for you because you can skip the line and avoid the crowd.

Don’t wait another minute. Head to your local Sam’s Club to pick up everything you need to help make your man’s game day a touchdown!

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