Walmart Has A Portable Swimming Pool For Your Dog That Doubles As A Wash Tub

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Of course, I want a pool for the dog days of summer, but what about the fur babies. They need something to stay cool in the sun, too.

I found JUST the thing at Walmart! They have this extra large doggie (or kitty — I’m not here to judge) swimming pool, and it looks like so much fun!

It is totally foldable, so storage is easy when you don’t have this tub full of water.

It is made of P2 MDF boards, and covered in a PVC material. It is waterproof both on the inside and outside.

Suitable for outside: The frost-resistant and UV-resistant coating, suitable for outdoor use with long service life.


It comes preloaded with a hose adapter, so filling it up and draining the pool is totally easy.

There is an attention line for the highest water level marked on the pool for your convenience when you pour the water. For your information, in order to ensure the normal use, please place the pool on the flat and smooth ground without sharp objects.


This doggie pool isn’t only foldable, it is completely portable, so you can take it with you when you are on the go.

Due to the simple structure, this pet swimming pool is very easy to use. No air pump needed. It is super simple to put the pool up and put away. After pets’ bath, just open the plug to let the water drain and dry out, then fold it up.


You can get your own SmileMart Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Wash Tub for Dogs or Cats on the Walmart website. This extra large size will run you $70, and shipping is FREE!!

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