Does Jack Daniels Have Pumpkin Flavored Whiskey?

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When we think of the fall season, we think of pumpkins, and that’s exactly what Jack Daniel’s fans had on their minds recently…

All over Facebook, people were posting that Jack Daniels had released a pumpkin flavored whiskey but is it legit?

While it’s hard to imagine a world where this isn’t a product made with pumpkin flavoring, unfortunately, this is one that has yet to be made.

Courtesy of @Horror Junkie

We were contacted by Jack Daniels who informed us that the viral Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Flavor is not an actual product. *Insert sad face*

Courtesy of @jackdaniels_us

Our source said:

While we have some wonderful flavored whiskies as part of our portfolio such as our Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire and Tennessee Apple, we do not have a pumpkin flavored variant or any plans to release one in the future. 

Well, sad day for pumpkin fans.

But honestly, if you wanted a delicious whiskey, it’s still worth hitting up your local liquor store to grab the Tennessee Whiskey’s. They are the perfect pairing to any adult gathering.

Courtesy of @jackdaniels_us

Cheers to Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and hope to see a pumpkin spice flavoring in the future!

Courtesy of @jackdaniels_us

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