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Disney Is Releasing a Hocus Pocus Game For Halloween and It Will Be Another Glorious Morning

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Hocus Pocus fans are you ready for this? Disney is releasing a board game for Halloween 2020 that is based on one of our all-time favorite halloween movies!


Ravensburger is a game and puzzle company. People that attended the Toy Fair 2020, were given an awesome sneak preview of the Hocus Pocus game.


In the game, players will work together and try to ruin the potions that are concocted by the Sanderson sisters. They must if they want to save the lives of the children of Salem and they have to do it before the sun rises.


It has been said that some of our favorite spells from the movie are in the game. The game box is even designed to look just like the “book” from the movie.

So far, reports say that the game should be released in August this year (2020). That will give us all time to get it before Halloween.

Disney Parks Blog

Apparently this isn’t the only Halloween game coming our way from Disney this year!

According to the official Disney Parks Blog, there are at least two other Halloween games coming out from Disney this year.

Disney Parks Blog

One of those games is a game based on the Haunted Mansion ride called ‘The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits’. You know this is like the only Disney ride that I vividly remember from when I went to Disney as a kid!

Disney Parks Blog

There will also be a Funko Pop game with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme. I think I want all of the games!

Hopefully we will have more information to share with you all soon. I’m ready for some spooky good family-friendly fun! Also don’t forget that Disney + also had announced that Hocus Pocus 2 is moving forward!


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