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People Are Using Balloons As Shatterproof Ornaments To Decorate Their Christmas Tree and It Is Brilliant

Why didn’t I think of this? Have you ever come across and amazing idea and just want to kick yourself for not thinking of it before? Well, this is it! Balloons as shatterproof ornaments!

@chloeduya – TikTok user

This year my grandson is supposed to be here for Christmas. He just turned one and is walking and of course, that means he is busy and into everything.

@chloeduya – TikTok user

Balloons are the trick here! A lady on TikTok couldn’t find big white ornaments for her tree, so she improvised with balloons and it is freaking brilliant!

@chloeduya – TikTok user

She purchased some white balloons, blew them up to the size she wanted, tied them, and then just placed them throughout the tree. It looks fantastic and I would never have guessed it was balloons from just looking.

@chloeduya – TikTok user

So not only did she solve the issue of finding the color and size of ornaments she wanted, but she also created an option for a shatterproof ornament that is SUPER affordable!

@chloeduya – TikTok user

If you have young children or pets this is going to make things so much easier to maintain! No broken glass! You can still use your nice ones, just move those to the top and use these mixed in and lower down.

@chloeduya – TikTok user

You could even cover them in glitter if that is the look you are going for! So many options and it’s cheap! Watch the full video below to see how amazing it turned out!


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Wednesday 16th of December 2020

Pretty! Just be sure to keep the balloons from young children and throw away any that pop. Inhaling broken balloon bits can cause a choking hazard in little ones.