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This ‘Hocus Pocus’ Tequila Flight Board Will Help You Run Amok This Fall

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You can get a Hocus Pocus Tequila Flight Board, and it will definitely help you run Amok, Amok, Amok!


It is almost that time of year when we flip the TV to Disney+, and turn Hocus Pocus on repeat.

Don’t you simply love those glorious Sanderson Sisters! I scoop up just about all the Hocus Pocus things I can find to go along with the Halloween season.


Like, have you seen this AMAZING Glow-In-The-Dark Black Flame Candle Company Tumbler? Gah!! It was a NEED and not a want.


Now you can get a Hocus Pocus Tequila Flight Board, and this just might be the most UNIQUE piece of Sanderson Sisters merchandise I have ever seen.


You might be wondering what, exactly, a tequila flight board might consist of.

It has little wells in which to hold four shot glasses (or double shot glasses if you want to turn into a real weirdo in the full moon light).


This board also has a little section to put salt in. You just wet the rim of the shot glasses, and dip them in the salt for the PERFECT shot of tequila.

And, we CAN’T forget about the limes!! They simply wouldn’t be proper tequila shots without that hit of citrussy goodness.

The board just happens to have a small well in which to place your cut-up limes.

You can choose to make it a flight board that showcases 4 different tequilas — or — you can choose to load this board up with the same tequila for yourself and 3 of your BFFs.

Once the board is fully stocked with all the necessary parts, the fun can begin!

These Hocus Pocus Tequila Boards are made of 1/2 inch Birch Plywood, so they are nice and sturdy.


They then use a laser engraver to cut the hair design of all 3 Sanderson Sisters onto the top of the board.

The finishing touch is when they engrave the words “Hocus Pocus I Need Tequila To Focus” below the sister designs.


It is important to note that since these Tequila Flight Boards are handmade to order, all sales are final.

You also have to supply your own shot glasses. Might I suggest these Tall Tequila Shot Glasses.


The Hocus Pocus Tequila Flight Board will cost you $21.50, and you can pick it up from the simplycraftycustoms shop on Etsy.


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