Returning Online Gifts Has Gotten So Expensive That Some Stores May Just Let You Keep Your Items

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Tis the season to return any unwanted gifts that didn’t work out over Christmas, which means lots of problems for online stores.

Unfortunately, for a lot of retailers, the cost of returning items could cost them so much that it would be cheaper to just let the customers keep their products.

Online returns are increasing on a regular basis, which practically everyone doing online purchases these days. And because of increased prices, product shortages, and supply chain stress, some of the returns just aren’t worth it to them.

BUT, this does not mean to test the waters and try to get free items constantly by attempting to “return” your item. There’s tracking involved that will determine whether or not consumers are taking advantage of the system.

So if you get to keep some items for free, yay you! Just don’t try to cheat the system over this technicality!

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