McDonald’s Has A New Burger Patty That Is Stuffed With Macaroni and Shrimp

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One of the exciting menu options McDonald’s offers is introducing international meals to the U.S. for a limited time and we’re hoping one burger in particular makes a trip over.

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Trying food favorites from around the world is what makes waiting in a fast food’s drive-thru line worth the wait and when it’s cold outside our food is wrapped up warmly on the inside of a McDonald’s paper bag.

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The golden arches at McDonald’s Japan are pushing aside their other burgers for a return of a fan-favorite that is unlike the rest of its competition.

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Here’s introducing the return of the Gracoro Burger, according to Brand Eating.

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The croquette burger-sized patty is stuffed with macaroni, shrimp, white sauce, and crusted in a crispy-fried panko shell for a noisy crunch!

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Also topped with cabbage, mayo, smothered in croquette sauce and sandwiched in between two soft buns.

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Alongside the returning patty, McDonald’s Japan will also feature an Angus Beef Bolognese Gracoro Burger that’s topped with a Bolognese sauce made from ground Angus beef, tomatoes, and a red wine.

Sounds fancy.

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While the Gracoro Burger is unfortunately only sold in Japan for a limited time, here’s hoping the unique patty makes its way over to U.S. menus.

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