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People Are Making Ghosts Out of Chicken Wire For Halloween and They All Look So Real

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, apparently you can make life-sized ones for Halloween!

People on social media are gathering chicken wire and creating life-sized ghost sculptures for spooky season.

Courtesy of The Q Files Podcast

The creations are so good, that you might have to do a double take, full warning.

Courtesy of The Q Files Podcast

From what it looks like, grabbing a few rolls of chicken wire from the hardware store and a mannequin to follow the shape will do the trick!

Courtesy of The Q Files Podcast

While some people created ghost sculptures similar to dancing characters in the The Haunted Mansion film, Jack Skellington and his dog Zero are also no strangers with this trend.

Courtesy of @featherandsnout

After sculpting your ghosts, you can choose to paint them white for a spookier appearance or as others have done, placed neon glowing lights at the bottom and in front of the sculpture to make them illuminate at night!

Courtesy of @featherandsnout

Place them in your front yard, front porch step or have your masterpieces dancing in the backyard, there’s no telling on whether or not people passing by will think your house is haunted, but it certainly will put on a show!

Courtesy of @lizzystams

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  1. I would definitly do this to my home. These are awesome ideas!!!!!!!