Thinking about the upcoming presidential election…

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So… this is a big one, right?  I mean for one, I finally feel like I am old enough that my vote matters.  Not that the 18-24 crowd doesn’t matter, I just never thought I was knowledgeable enough in current politics for my vote to matter.  I know this is so totally against every rock the vote campaign ever written, but I could never shake that feeling when I was younger.  I mean…. I would go like MONTHS without ever even catching a newscast on the tv, and when I was in college… I remember once wondering aloud, “Man if there was like a war or anything going on unless it was at the bar I would have no idea because I haven’t even like turned on a TV or even glanced at the front of a newspaper in as long as I can remember.”  (I didn’t say I was perfect, ever, okay?)  Anyway… I feel like I was totally unqualified to vote.  Maybe this younger generation has more of a sense of what is going on.  They can get tweets from Barack and he will be announcing his running mate via text message.  There is almost always something presidential on the front page of digg, and our RSS feeders make it so we can read CNN without ever actually having to log on to their site.

Heck, come to think about it… maybe THAT is why I am more informed this year… sigh, maybe without it I would be no better off than I was all those years ago.

Now, here is how I feel about presidents and such… I think that we have done a pretty good job (at least in my lifetime) of switching things up on a regular basis.  Meaning that we have let the democrats control things for a while, then the republicans… then some democrats again, etc.  And, as such… it is time for the democrats to have their turn…

Which means Obama… I have mixed feelings about Obama as the democratic nomination… I don’t have mixed feelings about him being president.  In fact, I think he would make an awesome president and is one of the best candidates we have seen in years.  I think he will bring new and fresh things to the presidency and isn’t it about time America gets over this whole prejudice thinng?

But… the prejudiced thing… THAT is the problem… CAN America get over the prejudice thing enough to vote for a black man for president?  Is America ready to do it?  I am so worried that the democrats shot themselves in the foot with this nomination.  I would like to believe that America can see past skin color and see what a fabulous president Obama can be, but I can honestly say that I don’t have that much faith in America.  I hope that I get to write a post at some point saying how I was wrong about America and that they actually were mature enough to look past skin color, but I am definitely scared I won’t be… and we will end up with McCain as president… and well… I think even the republicans can agree that guy is a noodle short of a macaroni salad.

So, here’s to hoping America stirs that melting pot one more time and we get to see something REALLY cool happen.  The first black president… I for one think it is awesome, but I want to see it not even MATTER at all what color his skin is… maybe this is a big step in that.  It will be interesting to see what kind of presidential race we will have when my daughter is 29.

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  1. Jamie, regarding a US president’s skin color, how would it be if we were all blind? We’d just skip that skin color issue and consider the qualifications of the candidate, whether he/she has enough intelligence, wisdom, experience, integrity, resources, etc. to do the job. Also, a big consideration for me is that the president not embarrass me and my fellow Americans by his/her grammar, infidelities, lies, and social skills (being rude to reporters, other world leaders, and so on).