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Ticketmaster Is Working On A Plan To Bring Concerts Back And It Involves Getting The Coronavirus Vaccine

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I miss going to concerts.

Of course, since the entire world shut down, concerts have been out of the question. I mean, how in the WORLD do you social distance in a sea of people at a concert?

Ticketmaster has been diligently working to try and find a way to bring concerts back, and fans everywhere are rejoicing.

This would truly mean that we are getting back to normal — well, as normal as can be, anyway.


So, it seems pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has come out with a vaccine that is showing 90% efficacy in drug trials.

Ticketmaster is developing plans to take full advantage of the vaccine by tracking those that have had it, using smart phones.

Many details of the plan, which is still in development phase, will rely on three separate components — the Ticketmaster digital ticket app, third party health information companies like CLEAR Health Pass or IBM’s Digital Health Pass and testing and vaccine distribution providers like Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic.


BUT, you may be adamant about not WANTING to be vaccinated for the coronavirus! Well, no worries. They may have a solution for that, too.

Here is how it would work: Either you get the vaccine, which, much like a flu shot, would cover you for about a year — OR — you go get tested for the coronavirus within a certain time frame before the concert, showing a clear bill of health.

You would most likely have to be tested the same day as the concert at a lab or clinic that was able to quickly process the results.

Whether you choose to get the vaccine or get yourself tested, your name should show up in a database as not being infected by the virus.

Sure, this process is pretty involved, and it requires you being tracked by different agencies, but if you want to get into the concert, you’ll just comply.

Remember, it is not a right to go to a concert, it is a choice. If you choose not to comply with Ticketmaster, you are making the choice to forgo the concert.

Ticketmaster would not store or have access to fans’ medical records and would only receive verification of whether a fan is cleared to attend an event on a given date.


So far, the FDA has not approved any third-party companies to collect and hold information regarding vaccines and tests. BUT, Ticketmaster is hopeful that this will be the wave of the future pretty soon.

According to Billboard, this type of screening may soon be required for entry into theme parks, airline travel, employment, and of course, going to concerts.

I’m fully willing to comply! Sure, it isn’t convenient, and it feels a bit like a violation of privacy, but it is what it is. I am ready to start living life again. I want to go to theme parks and concerts. Bring on the tracking.

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