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  1. She’s so cute.

    My kids got out in the snow for about 30 minutes yesterday. I thought they would only last five minutes. I had to make them come inside though, worried that they were getting too cold but didn’t realize it. I hate snow and cold, unfortunately for them. Bring on summer! Oh, and I love it here too.

    1. @nicole, that’s the same thing we did. I cut out all the parts where I was whining about how FREAKIN’ COLD I was 🙂

  2. Why does your blog never show up in my dashboard? It’s really annoying. Maybe you post late in the afternoon or something when I am not checking it.

    That’s a great video! Your daughter is so cute. That’s exactly how it is here in Georgia, whenever it does actually snow.

  3. Y’all got a bit more real snow than Flower Mound did. But we can ice skate down the driveway : D