This Mom Bought Her Son Fart Spray and Is Warning Other Parents to Not Make The Same Mistake

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Kids are weird. Especially boys. They think the grossest things are wonderfully hilarious. Like this Fart Spray for example…

As parents we sometimes give in and some of those times, we even regret it…

One mom found out the hard way that, just because your kids may think it’s funny, DOESN’T mean you should buy it for them.

Michelle Phelps bought her kids this Fart Spray from the store 5 Below for Christmas. She quickly learned to regret this decision.

There is a 5 second calm before your nostrils get assaulted. Then BOOM! I don’t even know how to describe the repulsiveness of this shit. I’m not sure what kind of farts are supposed to smell like this, but whoever created this needs to see a gastroenterologist STAT.

Michelle Phelps on Facebook

She recounts how she had to frantically scrub her skin, and douse the house in apple-scented air freshener to try and escape the stench of this fart demon spray.

It was all to no avail. The house still smelled like “shit covered apples, ‘crapples’ if you will.”

Ha! I’m sorry she had to go through that, but I just laughed so hard at her misery.

In all seriousness though, let this serve as your warning to NOT buy some. You’ll probably live to regret it.

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