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Kellogg’s Has Released A Crayola Jazzberry Cereal And I Am Intrigued

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I never thought I would see the day where a crayon brand would become a cereal…and yet here we are. Welcome to 2020!

But it’s actually quite smart on the marketing front, because kids love coloring and they love cereal, so why not mix the two!


This new cereal comes in all the colors of the rainbow (as does crayons!) and comes in a Jazzberry flavor! I can only imagine what that tastes like! Sounds exciting!


On top of the amazing flavor and colors, this comes in a cereal box that you can color, along with an exclusive code for a pet in the Crayola app! This is definitely appealing to kids in all sorts of ways!


I will definitely be grabbing some of this for my kiddos to make their day! What about you?


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