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You Can Grow Succulents That Look Like Rainbow Pinecones And I Need Them In My Life

I can not get enough of all of the unique succulents that are in existence!

Like, how many types of succulents are there because it seems like I find a new one almost weekly?

I just came across a listing for Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Major’ Rare succulents seeds.

They are gorgeous!

MandQseeds – Etsy

They have beautiful pastel colors and kind of remind me of a bunch of mini cotton candy-colored pinecones.

I love how colorful they are, some seem to have different shades and combinations of colors.

queenofsucculents – Instagram

I personally have never had any succulents with color of my own yet, but I know that I have got to have them now!

It looks like they are referred to as a ‘Lilac mound’ succulent.

plantifulexperiments – Instagram

I guess that makes sense due to the way they grow in bunches, however, they still kind of remind me of pinecones in some images.

zeeey82 – Instagram

Sow the seeds according to the seller’s instructions, and the seeds will germinate after two weeks. Looking forward to the growth of baby succulents.

hei – Etsy Reviewer
hei – Etsy Reviewer

You can get your own seeds to grow some Sedum Dasyphyllum ‘Major’ Rare succulents on Etsy from MandQseeds!