Pickle Ice Cream Exists and I Have To Try It

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Now this is unheard of, Pickle Ice Cream??! So is this like a Sweet and Sour flavor or are we going straight for Dill?

Well, leave it up to New York to figure out all the logistics and leave the taste tasting to the pros, because there’s a restaurant that actually sells Pickle Ice Cream!


To be totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of the fruit. It’s one of those foods I to want like and something that I keep trying, but my tastebuds seem to reject it every time.


Putting my opinion aside, the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. has some pretty awesome photos that actually make me want to purchase a large cone with extra pickle toppings!


Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, you can get Pickle Soft Serve for just five bucks!

That’s cheaper than an actual jar of Pickles!


Of course they serve a variety of items other than Pickles, but you can check out their menu here if you’d like! Their website is totally aesthetically pleasing and super cute!


I never thought I’d say it, but I’m excited to try some Pickle Ice Cream the next time I visit New York!


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