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TikTok Just Released A New In-App Game and It Is Addicting

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Have you been on TikTok today? If you haven’t you may not have realized that they released a new in-app game!

This morning when I was drinking my morning coffee, I was browsing TikTok and just happened to notice a tiny new icon in the top left side of my screen.

Naturally, I clicked it and it brought me to an in-app game called “Garden of Good” but it’s not your average game.

This game is a farm in TikTok where you have to water and plant a farm but it sends real donations to end hunger!

Aside from it being crazy awesome, it is addicting too!

You actually want to complete tasks in order to earn water drops to water your plants.

As your plants grow, they will become something you can actually donate in the real world to those in need!

Seriously, if you are not playing this yet, head over to TikTok to play. It’s fun to play and it’s for a great cause so it’s a win-win!

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