I Can’t Stop Thinking About Baby Yoda

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Baby Yoda is the break out star from the new Disney plus show the Mandalorian, and guys, I am obsessed with him.

I love you, Baby Yoda. Credit: Disney Plus

From his little glossy eyes that see everything to his uncanny ability to use the force without ever actually having any sort of training (that we know of) he might be the cutest thing on the planet.

I love when he chomps on frogs.

Credit: Disney Plus

Slurp slurp little baby Yoda.

I love when Baby Yoda uses the force.

Aww, you got this Baby Yoda. Show that hairy rhinoceros what’s up.

I love when Baby Yoda tries to heal the Mandalorian.

Awww, Baby Yoda cares. You take care of Baby Yoda, he takes care of you.

Credit: Disney Plus

I love that Baby Yoda has the best stroller ever.

Credit: Disney Plus

Baby Yoda is getting it done with that no wheel stroller. I have got to get one of those.

I love when Baby Yoda cries.

Credit: Disney Plus

It’s maybe the cutest sound in the whole world.

With all the cuteness, I know we all have a lot of questions about Baby Yoda, and I get it. This is serious. This isn’t just like, an Ewok or a Chewbacca. This is a dang YODA we are talking about here.

Is Baby Yoda Actually Yoda?

No, big Yoda died in return of the Jedi. The Mandalorian actually happens right in between Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens.


But nobody has said anything about reincarnation yet, and I have hope!

How Old Is Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda is actually 50 years old. Remember, Yoda was super duper old. They age way slow. I am going to need to get me some of Baby Yoda’s eye cream.

Love Baby Yoda, I do.

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