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Bowl Cuts Are Making A Comeback And I’m Not Ready

When I think of bowl haircuts, I automatically think of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. If you haven’t seen that movie, I’ll wait while you watch it.

I will admit — back in the day, I totally wanted a bowl cut — what was I thinking?

I’ll tell you exactly what I was thinking. I had seen a picture of Dorothy Hamill — from, I don’t know — like the early 1980s — and I wanted to be her. Don’t judge me, I was like eight years old.

Thank God, my mom said “NO.” She had my best interest at heart, *Love you, MOM*

BUT, like all fads — good or bad — they come back around to be popular again, and the bowl haircut is not immune.

Like The Mullet, I’m not exactly sure why this is a “thing” again. Although, there are SOME people that make this look appear super cool, it kind of needs to just fade away — quickly.

I mean, it is a cut that would take 2.5 seconds to fix in the morning. That would be a definite plus. But, the downside — You will look like you totally have a bowl on your head.

If that is what you are going for, good for you. Success!

Also, this guy was probably right ON with the trend coming back…

I suppose you could add a little color to make it more cool. That is a definite thing. But, it’ still a bowl cut.

I don’t care WHO you are. Grow that s*** out, please. How about a cute pixie cut? ANYTHING except that heavy bowl-on-the-head look.

Please, for the love of humanity and fashion. Just don’t do it.