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You Can Get A Starbucks Cup That Is Covered In Glitter and Glam

This is the most glittery glittering cup that has ever been glittered! It is a Venti Starbucks cold cup that has been covered in glitter and can even have your name added to it! It also comes with a plastic lid and a green straw


The colors in the glitter are purple, lavender, teal, and turquoise! Some of my most favorite colors. The glitter is covered in epoxy, so no worries about it falling off or anything. The epoxy used is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300.

So if you were thinking you wanted to get me a gift anytime soon…well…


The name personalization is super cool too! It’s so shiny! Each cup personalization is done by hand, so no two cups will be alike. It will have the same glitter color combo though.

My soon to be 13 year old niece is OBSESSED with Starbucks, so this was a perfect gift for her. 

sherikorp – Etsy Reviewer
sherikorp – Etsy Reviewer

This is for a Starbucks cold cup, which means it is ONLY for cold drinks. Don’t pour your hot coffee in it, don’t put it in a microwave. Also, you will want to hand wash only, do not put it in the dishwasher or you’ll be very sad.

Such a Beauty i loved it so much and the name is perfect

JACKIE PEREZ – Etsy Reviewer

You can order your very own customized glitter Starbucks cold cup from GlitterboxJars on Etsy for only $23!

JACKIE PEREZ – Etsy Reviewer

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