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You Can Plant True Blood Rose Bushes That Give Off Dark and Gothic Vibes In Your Garden

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These are the most gorgeous roses I have ever come across in my life! They are a deep beautiful shade of read with darker shades that even appear to be black in color!


The blue colors are actually a shade of purple/violet, and black is a dark shade of marron red. It has a totally vampiric feel to it! Dark and gothic beauty with gorgeous roses!


You can grow this on pots, or you can transfer them into the ground if you like. They are a smaller rose bush that is classified as bonsai.


Y’all, I want to grow these just so that I can preserve their beauty in a permanent way to put on display! They are just so stunning!


Grow them next year and then preserve them for a Halloween display for fall! That would be so wild!


Imagine them as a bouquet for a gothic themed wedding! I have a friend that is planning a wedding in October of next year at a haunted house attraction. How amazing would it be for her to be able to carry these as a bouquet?


You can order the seeds to grow your own amazing True Blood Rose Bush Seeds from Petidsrus on Etsy! You can order 20 for $2.49 or 100 for only $9.20! I did read up on this rose variety and the cultivating level is listed as very easy!


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