The Woman Who Sprayed Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Claims It Was Never Her Intention To Sue

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Gorilla Glue has dodged a bullet, even though we all know the reports around Tessica Brown supposedly suing the company probably wouldn’t stick.

Tessica Brown has come out to officially report that she never had plans to file a lawsuit against Gorilla Glue.

“No, I’ve never ever said that,” she said during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” “Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because at this point, everybody is saying it.”

Tessica Brown

In the interview, Tessica also explained that she only went to social media because she was in dire need of assistance to get the permanent glue that was not budging out of her hair.


“The reason I went to the internet — because I was never going to take this to social media [but] the reason I took it to social media was because I didn’t know what else to do,” she explained. “I knew somebody out there, somebody could have told me something. I didn’t think for one second it was going to be everywhere.”

Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown’s video received millions of views causing an uproar online, creating a shockwave across the country and when she was asked if she had any regrets posting the video, she wishes she can turn back the clock.

“Definitely. I told my son today, ‘I wish I could just, I mean, go back because I’m over it.’”

Tessica Brown

“If y’all knew me, y’all know I would never, ever do anything for clout. If y’all knew me, y’all would love me,” she said in response to the allegations. “Everything that y’all saying, call me, talk to me. I will talk to you. I really would talk to a lot of people. I’m not that person y’all trying to make me out to be.”

Tessica Brown

It has definitely been a long journey for Ms. Tessica Brown.

Courtesy of @im_d_ollady – TikTok

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