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Mom’s On TikTok Are Flashing Their Breastfed Babies And The Reactions Are Priceless

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Mom’s on TikTok are proving that their husbands aren’t the only individuals that like their mommy’s boobs.

One of the latest trends for moms on TikTok called “flash your breastfed baby and see how they react” has gone viral with hundreds of videos showing their breastfed babies reactions.

The results are equally super cute and hysterical when you see some of these babies crawl like the speed of light towards their mom because they think it’s feeding time!

To do this trend, moms, place your baby directly in front of you with the camera pointed at them.


While your recording, play the country song ‘Drop ’em out’ and when the beat drops, flash your baby and watch their priceless reaction!


Some babies licked their lips and others crawled as fast as they could to their mom!

Others were shocked it was feeding time already and some babies just stood in awe.


The power of the girls ladies and gentleman.


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