People Are Making Mini Heaters Out of Flower Pots To Stay Warm While The Power Is Out

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I have no idea where this crazy winter weather has come from but it’s quite concerning.

As of right now, there is currently over 3 million people without power across the U.S. which is scary especially with freezing temperatures we are seeing right now.

With that being said, if you don’t have power, you likely don’t have heat and that is where this genius trick comes into play!

You can use Terracotta Flower Pots and votive candles to heat up areas in your home.


You probably have these items on hand at home which makes this entire idea even better!


How to Make A Mini Heater Using A Flower Pot

For this mini heater you will need:

  • Flower Pot (Terracotta) any will do and you likely have some from last Mother’s Day or last Spring you can use
  • Tea Light Candles (you can also use mini candles in jars if you have them)
  • Some bricks or something you can lift the pot up onto (some people use things like glass baking pans)
  • Some people also use Nuts and Bolts to help hold the pot up (like you see below)

How to Make It:

Take your flower pot and turn it upside down so the opening is at the bottom.

Take your candles and light them and stick them inside (make sure they are on a leveled surface that won’t burn)


Stick the bricks or whatever you are using onto the sides of the flower pot.

Allow this to burn for several hours (make sure to keep an eye on it) and it will heat a small room or area in your home.


How does this work?

The Clay/Terracotta pots absorb the thermal energy of the candles and convert it into radiant space heat.

The temperatures reach 160F to 180F and the heater stays hot for hours.


Make sure you use caution, and keep these away from kids and pets. The inner chamber can reach 500F.

Bottom line is – if you are cold and without power, this can be an effective and easy way to stay warm. Plus, you probably already have everything you need at home!


Stay safe out there!

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