Eggo Released Pumpkin Pie Pancakes You Heat In The Microwave To Eat And My Life Is Complete

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RUN do not walk to your nearest grocery store because Eggo – ya know, the makers of those delicious frozen waffles has released PUMPKIN PIE PANCAKES.

Yes, they are frozen and yes they are amazing!!

These limited edition pancakes are in the frozen section right next to the waffles and they are just as simple to make.


You just heat them up in the microwave and serve with some melted butter and syrup. Or if you’re like my kids – chocolate syrup.


Each box contains 8 pancakes, and let’s be honest, that will probably make 1 breakfast for my family and I. I am totally stocking up!

The best part of fall is here and that is pumpkin flavored foods and cooler weather so hurry over and snag some of these pumpkin pie pancakes!!


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