I Just Learned That Strawberries Can Sprout Green Leaves From Their Seeds And I Can’t Unsee It

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Despite having Trypophobia, I LOVE strawberries. In fact, the holes on strawberries don’t seem to bother me as much as other things with holes.

But I am a bit freaked out about this… Did you know that strawberries can sprout green leaves from their seeds?

Yeah I didn’t either and it’s freaking me out!


Strawberries Sprouting is known as a phenomenon called “vivipary.”


It is where the “seeds” on the strawberries turn into green shoots all over the surface of a strawberry. The seeds basically germinate immediately while still attached to the plant.


Weird, right?

I mean, strawberries have always had a steam at the top with little green leaves but something about the entire strawberry covered in leaves is just nerve-wracking and I totally can’t unsee it!

Now, you might be wondering if sprouting strawberries is edible? Yes, they totally are! Although, they probably won’t taste very good.


So, the next time you see a strawberry sprouting on itself keep this in mind. And now, you probably just learned something new so, you’re welcome! Ha!


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