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You Can Get Funfetti Cookie Dough With Rainbow Sprinkles Because Life Is So Sweet

You have to admit, there is no cake better than a Funfetti cake — they rival any bakery bought cake!

Say otherwise, and I’ll fight you. Ha!

Now, thanks to the GREAT people Nestlé Toll House, you can get — wait for it — Funfetti Cookie Dough with Rainbow Sprinkles COOKIES!!

Nestlé Toll House

I mean, COME ON!! How good are these going to be?!?

They taste like a Funfetti vanilla cake, and they are covered in those Funfetti Sprinkles that we know and love.

My kids are going to be BEGGING me to get these on our next grocery trip!

Usually when you get Nestlé Toll House precut cookie dough, they come in sheets of 24 precut dough.

But, this Funfetti version comes 12 giant cookies to a pack, which means you are getting gooey, delicious, BIG Funfetti cookies!!

Nestlé Toll House

Now, the worst news of all is that we have to WAIT for these goodies until June. Booo!

HOWEVER, they are going to retail for $2.99, and be available at grocery stores around the nation — so you will definitely be able to get your hands on them.

Nestlé Toll House

Nestlé Toll House is genius, because they really know how to get our tastebuds going.

They previously released an EDIBLE version of the Funfetti cookie dough, and it was completely irresistable.

Pillbury also released a CHOCOLATE version of their delicious Funfetti cake, and my family dove in head first for it! It was SOOOOO good!!


BUT, this Funfetti Cookie Dough with Rainbow Sprinkles is going to be amazing, and you don’t want to miss it!

Look for it in JUNE, wherever you normally buy your Nestlé Toll House cookie dough.

Nestlé Toll House